Reading from a SimaPro .xlsx export file

Exporting a SimaPro process

SimaPro features multiples ways and format to export processes. ELDAM has been designed to handle only .xlsx files. They must be exported via SimaPro’s main LCA Explorer view (select a process and then File/Export).

Export parameters must be set as shown in the image below:


Reading a SimaPro .xlsx file

The SimaProXlsxReader class allows to read and extract data from a SimaPro .xlsx export file. A SimaProXlsxReader object is built from a SimaPro export file path and contains a list named processes_data with every data collected from the SimaPro export for each process and a list named common_parameters_data containing the project and database level parameters exported.

The boolean attribute convert_expressions_to_constants indicates if the processes have been exported from SimaPro with the Convert expressions to constants option.

The method to_processes() allows to convert the SimaPro export to a list of instances of Process.

from eldam.core.simapro import SimaProXlsxReader

filepath = 'path/to/export/file.xlsx'
processes = SimaProXlsxReader(filepath).to_processes()
process = processes[0]