Comparing SimaPro export with Elda

In some situations, for example if you get back to a project after a while, it is necessary to check that the version of a process contained in an Elda is the same that the version in SimaPro. In order to avoid strenuous manually check of every data, ELDAM can compare the data contained in an Elda and a SimaPro .xlsx export.

  • In SimaPro, save your process and go to the LCA explorer

  • Select your process and go to File/Export


    Export only one process

    SimaPro LCA Explorer
  • Export the process with the following setup:

    SimaPro LCA Explorer
  • Once the file exported, open ELDAM.exe

    ELDAM main screen
  • Choose Compare a SimaPro export (.xlsx) with an existing Elda.

  • Select the SimaPro export to compare.

  • Select the Elda to compare.


    ELDAM will compare the SimaPro export with the

    last version of the process in the Elda.

  • If no differences are found between the two processes, this message appears:

    ELDAM no differences message
  • Otherwise, ELDAM will show a process viewer with only the data that differs between the two versions:

    ELDAM difference viewer
  • You can then choose to:

    • Overwrite the Elda with the data of the SimaPro export (Warning:This will erase all versions of the process in theELDA)

    • Update the Elda’s last version

    • Append a minor or major version to the Elda.