From Elda to SimaProΒΆ

Once you have made modifications on an Elda, you can import it back to SimaPro following these steps:

  • Open ELDAM.exe

    ELDAM main screen
  • Go to Convert Elda to SimaPro import (.csv) and select the Elda to convert


    You can also open several files at once

  • You can view your process(es) in a tree and check the information read by ELDAM

    ELDAM process viewer
  • By clicking on Quality check, ELDAM shows the flows with missing quality data.

    ELDAM quality check
  • After checking your data, click on Convert to export the process to .csv format


    You can check the Export only data used by SimaPro option to prevent ELDAM to export data that are not handled by SimaPro and would be displayed encoded in the comments such as review or quality data. However, by doing so these data will be lost and cannot be recovered on the next conversion to Elda.

  • Once the file exported, open SimaPro.

  • Go to Librairies and ensure that all libraires used by the imported processes are checked.

  • Then go to File/Import.

  • Click on Add and choose the .csv file to import.


    If import files were already present, it might be necessary to click on Clear before being able to add files.

  • Set the import settings as below:

    SimaPro import setup
  • SimaPro displays a summary of imported elements

    SimaPro import summary
  • Click OK and the process(es) and parameter(s) are imported.