• Modified
    • Fixed a bug on SimaPro units validation in the Elda files


  • Added
    • Added support for formulas in allocation percentages


  • Added
    • Added the possibility to choose which metadata to copy

    • Added protection on Elda cells that should not be modified by users

    • Added a control on the unit field to ensure that the unit exists in SimaPro

    • Added “Category type” field for processes. Category type is the top level of SimaPro’s processes hierarchy.

  • Modified
    • Complete interface redesign and improvements


  • Added
    • Added the possibility to generate Elda indexes from a directory containing multiple Eldas

    • Added a field called “Inventory review state” to be able to set a review state for the inventory consistency itself

    • Eldam version check now displays last changelog in case of new version

    • Added European union and Occitanie logo on the About window

  • Modified
    • GUI improvements

    • Changed quality data color codes for more consistency


  • Modified
    • Made it possible to use semicolon in text fields

    • Fixed a bug that made ELDAM crash when opening a SimaPro .xlsx export opened and saved with Excel


  • Added
    • Warnings before saving an Elda containing errors

  • Modified
    • Improvements on version information management

    • Changed review data are not highlighted anymore, only non-review data

    • Bugfixes


  • Added
    • Added possibility to copy metadata of an Elda to one or more Eldas

    • Added a counter when reading Eldas

    • Now possible to work with waste treatment processes

    • Waste type for product flows


  • Modified
    • Minor improvements of the GUI

    • ELDAM now reloads after a crash

    • Bugfixes


  • Added
    • Protected the “Status” sheet from user modification

    • ELDAs now always open on status sheet

  • Modified
    • Several important bugfixes


  • Added
    • Added an “About” button on main screen


  • Added
    • Added button to update ELDA templates

    • Possibility to read SimaPro exports made with “Convert expressions to constants” checked

  • Modified
    • ELDAs now open on status sheet

    • Improved reading of quality data from SimaPro comments


  • Added
    • Added PRODUCT to the file naming pattern

    • Allocation type is mandatory if more than one flow has an allocation percentage

    • ELDAM will now automatically update ELDAs to the current ELDA template if they are based on an obsolete ELDA template

  • Removed
    • Made review of empty data necessary again


  • Added
    • If the user never activated the access to VBA project in Excel settings, he gets a more detailed error message than the Excel default VBA bug.

    • Improvements on the formatting of the review data

    • The version’s review state is now calculated automatically


  • Added
    • Added informations and links about ELDAM on Eldas first sheet.

    • Data control on some fields of the Elda that must be numeric or formulas

    • Added conditional formatting for uncertainty fields

    • Fields changed from previous versions are highlighted in the Elda

    • Check if version running is the latest available

  • Modified
    • Changed “mean” by “stdev” for uncertainty data


  • Added
    • Defined names are automatically created on parameter creation

  • Modified
    • Calculated cells are greyed for it to be more obvious that they should not be modified manually


  • Added
    • Added support for Excel dynamic links as formulas


  • Modified
    • Changed logo

    • Added a background image on main window

  • Added
    • Added a link to the wiki on the error message

    • Added a button to create an empty ELDA from main screen

    • Now possible to choose to export a process in a SimaPro .csv with only data handeled by SimaPro (without other data embedded in the comments)


  • Modified
    • Now possible to have infinite number of input or calculated parameters. A new block appears when the previous is full

    • Now possible to add up to 150 flows

    • ELDAM goes back to main screen instead of quitting. The only way to exit ELDAM is closing the window or using the Exit button on main screen

  • Added
    • Added Agribalyse, Agri-footprint and “Other database” to the database list

    • Input and calculated parameters now appears in the process detailed view


  • Modified
    • Improved the way errors are displayed to the user

    • Improved handling of formulas in the Elda

    • Now possible to extract quality codes from SimaPro comments even if no quality comment have been entered

  • Added
    • Added ELDAM version number to the main window title

    • Added possibility to use parameters names that do not respect Excel’s defined names rules (ex: NO2)

  • Fixed
    • Fixed a bug crashing ELDAM when trying to compare a SimaPro export to an existing Elda


  • Modified
    • Made “.” the default decimal separator

  • Added
    • Possibility to read exports from SimaPro’s edition window

    • Added NOW to saving name pattern

    • Added possibility to rename the exported file in case of conflict


  • Modified
    • Changed “Need of corrections” by “Major corrections” in review status

    • Changed Elda color scheme

  • Added
    • Colored message in GUI

    • SimaPro and Excel icons in GUI


  • Added
    • Convertion from SimaPro .xlsx export file to Elda

    • Conversion from Elda to .csv

    • Reading multiple processes from one .xlsx

    • Exporting multiple processes in one .csv

    • Possibility to update an existing Elda

    • Possibility to update an Elda’s last version

    • Possibility to add major/minor version to an Elda

    • Database/Project parameter handling

    • Formula calculation and transcription within the Elda

    • Support for review and quality data

    • GUI with different use cases (single/multiple files conversion, file overwrite, last version update, minor/major version adding)