From SimaPro to Elda

Eldas can be created from a blank template (EldaTemplate.xlsm) or can be converted from a SimaPro .xlsx export with ELDAM:

  • In SimaPro, save your process and go to the LCA explorer

  • Select your process and go to File/Export


    You can also export several processes at once

    SimaPro LCA Explorer
  • Export the process with the following setup:

    SimaPro LCA Explorer


    It is also possible to check the Convert expression to constants option. If so, every formulas of the process will be replaced by their result and parameters will not be exported. To ensure that this have been done on purpose, ELDAM will warn the user when opening the file.

  • Once the file exported, open ELDAM.exe

    ELDAM main scree
  • Go to Convert SimaPro export (.xlsx) to Elda and select the SimaPro export file you want to convert.


    You can also open several files at once

    ELDAM process viewer
  • You can view your process in a tree and check the data read by ELDAM

  • When clicking on Quality check, ELDAM shows the flows with missing quality data.

    ELDAM quality check
  • If an Elda with the same name already exists, you can chose between the following options:

    • decide for each (if multiple files only)

    • overwrite the file

    • update the existing Elda’s last version

    • add a minor version to the existing Elda

    • add a major version to the existing Elda

  • Once you have set the export path, click on Convert to run the conversion.


If you have opened several processes (SimaPro export with multiple processes or multiple SimaPro exports), you can choose a directory to save the files as well as a naming pattern. The file naming pattern can contain several keywords that will be replaced:

  • every occurrence of PROCESS in the name pattern will be replaced with the process’s name or by process if the process has no name

  • every occurrence of PRODUCT will be replaced by the product name or by product if the process has several products

  • every occurrence of TODAY will be replaced by the present date with DD-MM-YY format

  • every occurrence of NOW will be replaced by the present time with HH-MM-SS format.

See: Difference between process and product name